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this week's top stories here in our t.v. nadir wraps up its campaign hailing it freely via after colonel gadhafi scaled but disturbing images of office file moments raise questions about the nation's future . the politicians are so wedded to the idea of trying to protect the euro but that is a big mistake is becoming a ticking time bomb. e.u. leaders brainstorm ways to save the euro zone slash reeses massive debt after another round of eye watering cuts to secure a bailout to violence in the streets. tear gas fails to stop affleck serves from preventing nader's attempt to dismantle their barricades at a disputed border crossing in northern costs and. board the safest rock in the world the first part of the e.u. satellite navigation system has successfully send to work it's ready to give america's g.p.s. some competition.
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watching r.t. live from moscow i'm marina joshie welcome to the program this week marked the and of colonel gadhafi is grip on media but the mystery surrounding his death in captivity has sparked international calls for an investigation it was the official account that he was killed in a crossfire widely questioned he is now looking to hold elections within eight months but as searches of these are now reports from tripoli there's much cynicism over whether things will change gadhafi. non-formal and go in with handshakes and hugs now in his head and his family. so to foreign involvement. was always portrayed as a great goal you also had a lot of pussy and i keep thinking with. graphic gruesome footage of gadhafi went
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viral as news of his death spread after months of being number one nato hitlist under the banner humanitarian mission. we came we saw he died. libya's and t.c. claims he was killed in crossfire i didn't really you know begs to differ here clearly wiping one from his head then he really did look at a clip of me as you do the footage shown on t.v. proves that he was captured alive and well and after that he was killed. so the pressure is growing for an investigation for find out if gadhafi died as clinton put it or was executed at the u.n. and human rights organizations should all push not only for investigation or death and certainly. many of the libyan numbers would be. that
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support the theory but also the bombings that inflicted in libya that destroyed so many of libya's infrastructure and also so many libyan civilians who died in the u.s. who were killed in the. alliance officials claim the mission in libya is coming true in hand the no fly zone will be reviewed at the u.n. security council but many believe this is only the end of gadhafi and the beginning of a new era of crisis libya is in for a period of horrendous chaos after the nato bombing once brought parts of libya back to the stone age some say the race for the country's oil has kicked off france is already demanding thirty five percent of libya's gross national gross oil production and i suspect that the people of libya will be furious and outraged.
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they are paying france for having the infrastructure having destroyed the schools the hospitals the the water supply and the country united in hatred for gadhafi might not stand together now that he's gone all these different groups and we were held together but one thing and that was a group of people. who can really direct their anger at each other and i think. chaos ensues and political instability a lot of people looking. back now and that is not a great celebration continued throughout the week cross the country and it seems few people here are really thinking about the future going to libya without gadhafi really means for a country with no leader a lot of work with us and even more oil reporting from tripoli and he's now a party oh you know also follow our correspondent in the media twitter stream is
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bringing you the latest developments from the country. media's preparing to declare its liberation later today with people celebrating khadafi across the country they have guns for the guys and games for the kids but many children are ready to make weapons of war their toys nato says it will stop its bombing campaign on halloween but leave the answer already dressing up like their former dictator. and always at her twitter page. now to syria where hundreds energized by gadhafi skill and came out to congratulate levy and show anger at their own regime at least twenty four died and the resulting clampdown protests the country remains divided between supporters and opponents of president assad and both sides have blood on their hands as archie's tests are celia now reports. this is the office of the traitor it's one of the. just on the wall israel and the u.s.
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were able to buy you with a thousand dollars says another. this is where several opposition leaders work like abdullah says i'll hire he had been a vocal critic and had spent fourteen years in jail a very bad time he recalls like many opposition members he thinks there's really very little room for reconciliation under the current environment. troops. with. clear voices and the regime that i know of. yes listening to people. he insists peaceful protesters were forced to respond to attacks by security forces but he acknowledges that now it's simply not black and white responsibility for the violence goes both ways. not only the time but evidence of us killing civilians some civilians killing. soldiers a son was one of the first soldiers killed since protests began in the country he
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was killed in on march twenty three. all foreign media knowledge that too many of the army and national guards have lost their lives so how can some people save its own group states exist he could not use these civilians and only members like my son how could only members kill other members this is impossible the media that says it is plain lying. and therein lies the problem the moment. there is confusion about what's really going on information is taken by each side and used to defend their position so if you hear only arguments from one side you like to believe that i mean this atmosphere of confusion and misinformation the bush for reforms continues what's or hindering the reforms this is another question whenever a new legislation is made we see a miscalculation of the security situation in syria unbecoming by the guns but we cannot absolutely put the blame on the government as are in some circles trying to
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propagate the voices from both sides are calling for dialogue to sit down and talk with a serious themselves agree that if this crisis is to be resolved that foundation of trust to be first laid out but with each threat or death syria will spoil the rise in an already widening political gap. does or still you are damascus. it's a race against time for the e.u. leaders to try and save the euro they have gathered for a new round of marathon talks in brussels the leaders are still trying to work out a comprehensive plan to try and resolve the eurozone debt crisis they're expected to tell banks they have to accept greek debt never the paperwork agreed dad will never be paid in full and so need to raise capital to deal with the losses earlier in the year said a comprehensive plan will be announced on wednesday when they gather for a summit but some financial analysts believe the problem is being called from the
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wrong and altogether it's a coming to union that is not an optimal commons here it doesn't work for most of its members that belong within the eurozone within the single currency area and the longer they keep going as it is the longer the economic problems will last will be more words on the streets of athens will be more. of the greek people writing down the whole of the european union that's what happens when you take away people's democracy and you centralize power to relatively small clique of people the politicians are so wedded to the idea of trying to protect the euro but that is a big mistake is becoming a ticking time bomb so if there was an economic reality an economic sense prevailing amongst the european political class they would take ocean and dismantle the euro that is the answer and there should happen soon violent clashes in greece
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broke out as the country's parliament was voting on a new set of a steering measures government even tougher pay cuts and tax hikes were necessary to secure the next installment of bailout cash from the e.u. however the protests in athens and beyond show the public is at breaking point actually sarah ferguson is in the greek capital. phrase has had become a regular occurrence theory behind the fight still think it's growing public angry because of all stars see what that means to the people here in the country has been cut from their wages by around thirty percent in most cases on top of. the cantons the public spending i'm finding here in the country is cripplingly high within your margins of a new generation of homeless these masses really these things have affected everyone here in great. i think why. here. there
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are. all survivors of the nation of the people who fight peacefully because we want our lives conquered. the young and the ows people from all walks of weak life to institute a protest and largest police a scene since the crisis began one of the nice file and true for christmas eve our hearts it wasn't to be the anchor once again pulling ava with fights breaking out not just with the police but in the us the protesters from cells british society is facing a social disaster for the past two years we've received austerity package after austerity package people are beyond third breaking point they cannot stand it anymore. this is just the phrase has is with an appetite for change if the veil is passed on top government officials did ties in
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a position then the saying he thinks that in asia the business struggling with his conscience he's not the only one speaking to police major after the protest that starts them and tell me it's a question of the riot police involved in these events you know. it is very hard to describe the feeling. of the policeman because there are two way social and professional groups who are suffering great economic measures the government has to to me and sometimes it is really hard for them to part of these protests as working people but once more they have to take to the streets to protest is the way he wanted to make their points peacefully the rest of europe and the i think it's going to be watching this very closely because this isn't just a problem that affects great picture right here at times you're right that you can see what the people in the country right now are willing to go through that point. the people here are going to have to wait
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a while longer see if anyone from now be ready to listen. and. also i have for you this hour here on our team triathlon to return to let me tell you i'm not embarrassed to say the government the country for not doing enough for my son and the rest of those missing in action israeli soldier gilad shalit comes home after being exchanged forty thousand palestinian prisoners leaving some families to feel their a lost children have been for god. and can say wall street protesters warned that americans are under attack from banks fattening up their profits while the euro tightening their belts. nato led forces and possible have failed to remove barricades by asyik serbs at a disputed border crossing serbs set off the roadblocks back in july when cost of our authorities began to install their own customs controls. has the story. as
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months of tension between serbs been and course was continued roads in northern cos they remain closed for some serbs of fortifying the very case and see themselves again stick timbs of history these cartoons reach a defeated ukraine that we defeated your father's. will win again local service compare the nature led peacekeeping force in kosovo ok for the fascist occupiers of the past they'll then why do they think that they can come and take our land serbia's our home we don't want to live in albania. look how they aren't we have nothing but flag and from their god some two hundred meters away they took a four soldiers keep watching i would be moved by talk while agreement but i did all this in the last week but if that is not to be reached i have to be on my own i have to fall back on my own needs.
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be no surprise the generals only means a military once the status quo nor the course of a remains the standoff between pay for soldiers and local service of millions is no closer to resolution but people from both sides of the barricades are glad to avoid any further violence away from media hostility commonplace this twenty three year old syrian man who was with his father when he was shot just three weeks ago visiting nobel in pillage in courses south western ribs of minority living in time and place but i was waiting for him in a car and i saw him coming out of the or being in a cafeteria when i heard two gunshots and my dad fell down i rushed to him but i was worried he died immediately i didn't even say good bye to him. w. bush shows us his wounds he was shocked when his father's killers try to eliminate
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the only witness i will never return to the place he'll chase me i'm worrying about my family and myself in a separate incident just last week another unarmed served was killed in a cult front with a local these two men together with their friend near drug they follow the family went to see. he which used to be servile and now owned by ethnic albanians since serbs fled after nature's nine hundred ninety nine bombing of yugoslavia they were stopped by the new occupier we talked for five minutes and he said he needed to come back to his car to take unsolved home or came back and stand with a kalashnikov do you want to non-blocking shouted and started firing at homes drug was killed you can see. the men who just lost their france they there is only one reason he was killed. just because we are serbs periods eleven years after the end of major conflict here and despite the presence of international peacekeepers
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violence seems to be still part of everyday life for some in this troubled breakaway province and there is little sign that's change or if nationality costs. it's been hailed as a historic middle east prisoner exchange with over a thousand palestinians being swapped for just one israeli soldier gilad shalit was freed following five years in captivity at a massive campaign for his release in israel but his homecomings left mary jewish families bitter as falsely or found out. every day. comes here to a place that looks after israeli soldiers who are alone in the country or who come from difficult backgrounds but being here is often more of a comfort to him than the youngsters he hopes because it brings him and that little bit closer to his son mushy he disappeared one year before gilad shalit was taken hostage. i have said this over and over again the government and the country are
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now doing a march for mine on others the media has the option. there are at the moment seven israeli soldiers who've been kidnapped or who missing in action now disappeared while hitchhiking to his army base major one of god was captured twenty five years ago after he craft was shot down of eleven on these of the last pictures of him alive taken in a prison in iran that i haven't disappeared fourteen years ago he was last seen at his army base one kilometer from the syrian border. it's improving it's an example that after fourteen years the government still has nothing to tell us our demand is that the government bring this any information is a lie dead here in lebanon and syria just bring it with they've brought us nothing . also certain her son is still alive and while she's pleased to gloat is coming home she's disillusioned a new government that made it possible for him but not for her son. in the.
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media attention p.r. how do arts nearly succeeded in marketing their son we saw it as a family this was a browser we thought it was enough. that guy was an i.d.f. soldier in uniform but we were wrong very very wrong. it's a guy this is a country that depends on its army for its survival is an unwritten code that every soldier who goes to war must be ported back home that's where the heart beats and i'll be free gilad shalit campaign for nearly two years his way to his family and the filters out here in front of the prime minister's office every morning when it's on yahoo lift his home he was reminded about the soldier who could not return to his beloved by usually be a man dares to say that the government and the country are not doing enough for my son and the rest of those missing in action it is important for us to bring our soldiers home as parents will send their sons to war we need to nala and she will
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do everything possible to get them back or it's done just that in the case of gilad shalit but at what cost will militants now be empowered to kidnap another israeli soldier and will israel be willing to pay this price again policy on our team. for more in-depth coverage and exclusive food and head to our website r.t. dot com iraq's refusal to grant us soldiers an extended stay with diplomatic immunity means the troops are heading home you'll find the details online. part of moscow illuminated in a grandiose laser show check out the spectacular video on our t.v. and our you tube channel. earlier in the week around five hundred people marched through new york against tough police tactics in dispersing and to corporate protests on friday over thirty opic by wall street activists were arrested and the
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traders complained police are taking to having an approach to they are continuing peaceful rallies it's week five of the occupy wall street protests against bloated banks and washington's inability to do something about it and the growing gap between rich and poor is something which could cost the government ask the count now explains. a class war seemed impossible in a country were being wealthy east part of the national green good as thousands marched on wall street and in other parts of america protesting against a system that they claim works only for the benefit of the few super rich individuals and corporations many ask whether america is facing a class war that it's only when the rich are getting rich will all the middle class is class war is being waged in a day unfortunately the world is would assume called one percent of winners are the nation's top corporations which this year the economy is very slow growth it
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nonetheless made record profits but thanks to barry is loopholes many of these corporations pay little or nothing in clute the corporations say they need the tax breaks to be able to invest more and to hire more america's second largest energy producers chevron is now lobbying not to let the government tax them more and to my question how many americans. chevron hired since the tax breaks were introduced in two thousand and four the c.e.o. of the company said there were up slightly a few thousand business over the years but not significantly not significantly on our chevron payroll a few thousand jobs for the billions of dollars in tax stimulus that the government gave that economy same erika's largest corporations are sitting on more than three trillion dollars and not investing in the economy unemployment in the us remains over nine percent when we live in a nation where corporations could profit off a child dying at the same time with their parents into bankruptcy because they're
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trying to pay for these kids medical bills. what does that say about our country the wall street answer to people's rage if you kill all three will be nobody oh great job but as one of the protesters tried to put a word of objection to all of the hold on hold on it's not george i'm talking to these people hold on i'm not talking to you looking. like talking personal success and money have always been part of the american dream really sick leave the rich the aspiration to become rich is the flea ingrained in american society and widely promoted by pop culture but those who took to the streets have made it clear that the situation when the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer is not their idea of the american dream in fact it could be the end of it and the beginning of a class war i'm going to check our reporting from washing our teeth. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world polls have opened in sydney just
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store it vote to elect a constitutional sample nine months after the first arab spring revolution so a long time to step down to nations are faced with overwhelming choice more than one hundred parties and ten thousand candidates are competing for one hundred and ninety nine seats in the a sample the first do you once the body is elected will be that way drafting of tunisia's constitution. at the funks german satellite has made its rianne tree into earth's atmosphere after more than ten years of an activity most of it burned up during re-entry but. up to thirty fragments including a one point seven ton telescope are thought to have crashed on the surface scientists were able to communicate with the satellite before you entry and are trying to determine its fate but your air space center says the likelihood of the greve from the craft causing injury is extremely low. thailand's prime minister says the worst floods to hit the country in sixty years will likely take six weeks
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to recede at least three hundred fifty six people have lost their lives so far and the world which has been growing day by day over one hundred and ten thousand have been displaced from their water logged homes the country is also faced with a heavy price tag of rebuilding the cost of damage to factories homes and farmland is estimated in the billions of dollars. turkish soldiers have killed at least forty nine kurdish rebels in a massive air and ground offensive near the rocky border as a bit of a lottery from the world launched earlier this week as a response to the death of twenty four soldiers killed by fires of the kurdistan workers party turkey has reportedly mobilized ten thousand troops in south east of the country and across the border in iraq. on friday a russian soyuz rocket lifted off from a space base in the tropics carrying the first parts of a european satellite navigation system it powered through having rain after
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a one day delay teasdale bushell watched it go. the launch of a new era in russian space history the first ever liftoff of a soyuz rocket in the west confirms this position as the leader in the field it's one thousand seven hundred successful takeoffs way ahead of any other rival so when the french led team began plans to send galileo satellites into orbit it was first choice when we needed it. here and we immediately thought of show you l.a. always europe's new worlds that america's g.p.s. navigation system promising much greater accuracy and reliability with so used to launch it the e.u. is confident say us is one of the best launch on the on the size so we put together the best competitively team and together we can be the best and
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beat all the old. open and the soyuz and it's just simply have had to be specially adapted to handle the challenges brought by the tropical climate for croix from its sister sites in russia's north and the steps of. the soil to needed some work including clearance of one hundred twenty hectares of jungle forest for the launch under a new agreement soyuz is to send many more satellites for europe into orbit from the site with much of the equipment being built in russia and then shipped to french going on a massive boost for the russian space industry as for the future well speaking only about training ground and crew. there's a contract country of fifty or so years can you imagine fifty or so years which means that for the minimum six seven years. and the moscow factories they will be fully engaged and have lots of work to do this success
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cements the reputation. soyuz is the world's top space launch program but it's also turns a new page in relations between the european union and russia c.d.o. e.u. figures with a suit and expressed optimism for the new corporation to galileo satellites into little bits without a glitch so the cheers of the lords team and guests in russian soyuz means of both the e.u. and russia will be hoping the project will indeed be new year living trusts and close a partnership the new bushel altie french hailed the. are a matter of our top stories south of the week is coming our way shortly stay with us.
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is just a life long dream for many. but bravery alone is not enough to steer the ship. knowledge endures and genuine love to the modern ones history are required. people who revive the engine craft are sailing through the centuries an arche.


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